Get Master Class Only At 199 ₹999

Get Master Class Only At 199 ₹999

Get Master Class Only At 199 ₹999

Get Master Class Only At 199 ₹999

Get Master Class Only At 199 ₹999

Get Master Class Only At 199 ₹999

Get Master Class Only At 199 ₹999

ECCE: Early Childhood Care and Education

Gear up teachers to unlock the ultimate experience in growth and language abilities.

Date : 23rd March 2024
Time : 7pm to 8:00pm
Venue : Zoom - online platform to connect ​

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Why Join ECCE Master Class?

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To have a delightful learning experience and acquire literacy skills in Just ₹199

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To upskill your language abilities which lead to effective communication skills

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To get pdf of study material and class notes

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Who Should Attend?

The Phonics courses taught through a range of multi-sensory activities by our highly experienced teachers

Target Audience

  • Teachers, aspiring Teachers who wish to have rewarding career in pre-primary segment.
  • A child minder/guardian who wishes to impart appropriate education to their child during early years.
  • School Principals, Administrators who wish to run their school effectively
  • Centre Co-ordinator for play-school, day-care, Play groups etc.
  • Aspiring Trainer, Curriculum planners, Course Co-ordinators in any training establishment.
  • Entrepreneur/prospective Entrepreneur who wish to excel in pre-school sector business
Target Audience


  • Teacher, counsellor, librarian, education developer at any pre-primary school or day-care centre
  • Teacher cum co-ordinator in a play school or play & games library
  • Academic Co-ordinator for large educational institutes
  • Trainer for other aspiring teacher in any training institute.
  • Programme and activity planner for young children.
  • Crèche Coordinator
  • Centre Coordinator in NGOs, Charitable organisations
  • Home Tutor in private set up.
  • Lastly, Entrepreneurship with unlimited scope in pre-primary sector.
Course Duration Course
1 Day : 1 Hour
(7pm to 8:00pm)
Explore Topics

Topics Coverd In Master Class

Synthetic phonics

Basic Concept and Orientation of ECCEd

Systematic Synthetic Approach

Stages of Child Development

Fundamental Phonics Rules

Health and nutrition of pre-schoolers

5 Major Principles Of Phonics

Curriculum Planning and its suitability assessment

Jolly Phonics Master Class Methodology

Pre-school Organisation

42 Sounds With Actions

Children with Special Needs

Blending & Segmenting

Communication with parents

Tricky Words

Creative Journal making


Readiness journal

Diagraphs & Trigraphs


Sight Words

Puppets and activities

Rhyming Words


Long & Short Vowel

Educational Journal making

Learning Phonograms

Appropriate Teaching Aids/Tools

Stories & Actions

Lesson Plans

Systematic Synthetic Approach

Co-curricular activities

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is ECCED?

ECCED stands for Early Childhood Care and Education. It is a specialized program that focuses on the holistic development and education of young children from infancy to around 8 years old. The program aims to provide a solid foundation for a child's overall growth, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

2Who can enroll in the ECCED program?

The ECCED program is open to aspiring early childhood educators, teachers, parents, and individuals interested in working with young children. It is also suitable for those seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in early childhood development and education.

3What topics does the ECCED program cover?

The ECCED program covers a wide range of topics essential for understanding and nurturing young children. Some of the key areas include child psychology, child health and nutrition, play-based learning, curriculum development, classroom management, parent-child interactions, and fostering creativity.

4Is the ECCED program available online or in-person?

The ECCED program is offered through both online and in-person formats, providing flexibility for learners to choose their preferred mode of study. Online courses allow participants to access the materials from anywhere with an internet connection, while in-person training may be available at designated learning centers.

5What is the duration of the ECCED program?

The program duration may vary based on the institution or course structure. Some ECCED programs are short-term certifications, while others may be more in-depth diploma or degree courses. Typically, short-term certifications can be completed in a few months, while diploma programs may last a year or more.

6Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the ECCED program?

Yes, upon successful completion of the ECCED program, participants are awarded a certificate or diploma, depending on the course level. The certificate serves as a recognition of your expertise in early childhood care and education.

7Can I work in the field of early childhood education after completing the ECCED program?

Absolutely! The ECCED program equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in various roles related to early childhood education. Graduates can pursue careers as preschool teachers, daycare educators, curriculum developers, child care providers, or even start their own childcare centers.

8Does the ECCED program include practical training or internships?

Many ECCED programs include practical training or internships as part of the curriculum. This hands-on experience allows participants to apply their learning in real-world settings, gaining valuable insights and confidence in working with young children.

9Are there opportunities for career advancement after completing the ECCED program?

Yes, the ECCED program opens up various opportunities for career advancement within the field of early childhood education. Graduates can opt for further specialization, pursue higher education, or take on leadership roles in educational institutions.

10How do I enroll in the ECCED program?

To enroll in the ECCED program, you can contact educational institutions or training centers that offer this program. Check their admission requirements, course details, and schedule to find a program that aligns with your goals and preferences.


What Do Our Clients Says About Us

Amazing Experience!

I would like to recommend LEVEL UP phonics its one of the best institute for phonics training. Excellent training given, very well executed, to the point explanation given.i would like to thank LEVEL UP for their excellent teaching. Amazing experience wishing loads of best wishes & success.

Gauri Rajgor Gauri Rajgor
Thank you so much!

Hi I am Reshma Gandhi.... I have done my phonics course from Levelup educational. It has given me knowledge how to start my own independent classes of phonics.... I am thankful to levelup edu to boost my confidence....

Reshma Gandhi Reshma Gandhi
Best Online Training Ever!

Hi I am Ruhii Siddique,levelUP is a very good place to go if you want to learn. I have taken a lot of classes, including Phonics classes. In general, they're all very interesting, and the tutors are very good at answering our questions. They are all-natural and can help women start a small business of their own.

Ruhii Siddique Ruhii Siddique
Really good trainers!

HI I am Mrs Dhanashree Raja Aditya Roy. I am a Counselor, Trainer, Educator, actively engaging with students for more than 30 years; since 1993. I came across Level Up education and their phonics course recently. It is a short course, and very reasonably priced, too.I was delighted to find out how their simple methods of teaching phonics encompass the solutions to several other issues that students face. With the dedicated support and caring guidance, they are able to overcome several hurdles in the learning process. An extremely effective course that I would highly recommend not only for students, but also their parents. In addition, it is the need of the hour that teachers also take this short and simple, but superb course to step-up their skill-sets.

Mrs Dhanashree Raja Aditya Roy. Mrs Dhanashree Raja Aditya Roy.

Keena Shah - Founder & CEO

Keena Shah

Founder & CEO

Every kid has a dream to become a teacher I also had one and I achieved the same by starting my career as a teacher , a mentor and an education counselor. It's been 20 years of journey in shaping young minds. I feel proud to be a part of such a noble and life changing profession.

I would like to reach out to all the women, who thought life and career has come to a hardstop after marriage or being a Mom to take this chance a small step towards carving your present and the young minds future to make this world a better place.

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